Frequently Asked Questions

What does ALL’s WELL’s Services cost?
ALL’s WELL’s services are completely free to you, the candidate.
How does ALL’s WELL make money?
The companies you go to work for pay ALL’s WELL for our services.
If companies have to pay you, doesn’t that mean I could make more money on my own?
No. The money ALL’s WELL makes doesn’t come out of your salary. It comes out of the other costs employers face when hiring. Costs such as Advertising and Recruitment, Workers Compensation Insurance, the Employer Contribution to Social Security, Lost Time Interviewing and Reviewing Resumes. Over and above what an employer pays the employee, it actually costs anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 to hire somebody. Because of our economies of scale, ALL’s WELL can do these things cheaper and more efficiently than an employer and they pay us for the money and time we save them.
In fact, it has been our experience that you would make less money on your own because our professional Account Executives act as your agent to negotiate the highest level of pay possible.
Aren’t all employment services the same?
No. ALL’s WELL is very different. We are one of the few services who can offer you both direct-hire and temporary placements. More than that, we are the only service that understands that you are every bit as important as employer companies to our success. Because it is the employer company that pays for an employment agency’s services, most agencies view them as the client. If you’ve been to other employment services then the poor way they treated you starts to make sense once you understand how they actually see you.
At ALL’s WELL, we know that that is absolutely wrong. You are a unique individual, and satisfying your needs is just as important as satisfying the needs of the companies that pay us. Our goal is to keep you as a client for life, and as a client, we treat you with the respect you deserve.
How much will I make?
That depends on a wide number of factors including what you want to do, how marketable your skills are, the region of the country you live in and any number of other unique variables. Your local Account Executive can help you evaluate your earning potential more thoroughly.
How do I get paid?
That depends on the type of placement. If you are hired by one of our employer companies in a direct-hire position, you get your paychecks and benefits from them just like anybody else.
If you go out on a temporary assignment, then you are on the ALL’s WELL payroll. We have weekly paydays, which means that for extended assignments you can expect to get a check every Friday. You may stop by the branch office where you registered to pick up your check, or instruct us to mail it to you.
What if I want the freedom temporary assignments afford, but I need benefits?
ALL’s WELL provides its Temporary Associates with a complete menu of benefits including:
  • Medical Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Credit Union
  • 401(k)
  • Bonus Programs
  • Associate of the Month—An honor that can earn you extra cash and recognition!
  • "The Beat" – A newsletter filled with current news and helpful hints
  • Computer Training offered in a variety of computer software programs with tuition reimbursement
  • Bonuses and Incentive Programs
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Weekly Paydays
  • You will have to meet some standard eligibility requirements. Ask your Account Executive about regional specifics.
How can I get started as an ALL’s WELL associate?
You can begin right now. The first step is to post a resume. After that, give us a call to arrange a time for a complete career needs evaluation. This is a very thorough process, so you should expect to spend about two hours with your Account Executive. If you can’t free up that large a block of time, let your Account Executive know. He can try to work around your schedule or arrange multiple appointments, allowing you to spread the process out over several days.

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