EMR Transition Staffing

With government mandates focused on patient safety, ALL’s WELL Health Care Services understands that one of the larger undertakings for many healthcare facilities will be the shift to electronic health records (EHR/also know as electronic medical records/EMR). This required change means that a large portion of the medical staff will be in training for an extended period of time. Our Electronic Medical Records Transition Staffing services help facilities stay in-touch during their switch to high-tech. We work with our clients to maintain appropriate staffing levels, optimize budgets and share best practices that help ensure a smooth and successful implementation. Whether a phased or one-time implementation, small or large healthcare facility, our clients agree—having a competent staffing expert by their side was invaluable.

Whether your organization is making its move to electronic health records for the first time or simply upgrading a system that’s currently in place, our service has the flexibility to support your organization throughout your implementation period, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

With our EHR/EMR Transition Staffing Service we will:

  • Plan and adapt staff fulfillment based on your estimated “GO LIVE” timeframe.
  • Develop a solution based on whether your organization is going to implement in phases or all at once.
  • Work one-on-one with key members of your implementation team to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient strategy.
  • Assess the possibility for on-boarding of temporary staff depending on volume and need.
  • Establish supplement staff assignment length based on initial training period.

At ALL’s WELL, we have a long history of pioneering processes and staffing solutions for healthcare facilities nationwide. As a result, we are confident you will find our EHR/EMR Transition Staffing to be another value-added service that you have grown accustomed to receiving from ALL’s WELL.