Managed Staffing

Our Preferred Vendor Management Program includes assessing current suppliers, their rates, and quality and services standards. ALL’s WELL Health Care Services will use this information to negotiate preferred supplier contracts and ensure your business receives the best rates possible. Standard preferred vendor contracts are implemented and administered by ALL’s WELL, ensuring consistency and reducing liability related costs.

Case Study: Medical Group in California

ALL’s WELL has enjoyed a successful partnership with one of the best rated medical groups in California. since 1996. In 1999, ALL’s WELL was awarded a contract to become this medical group's Primary Staffing Partner utilizing our One-Call Staffing Program.


All staffing requests were decentralized and there was no official tracking of temporary usage, by a central source. In addition, the medical group needed assistance in mainstreaming their entire temporary staffing pool from the ordering source to the alternate vendors to accounts payable.


By utilizing ALL’s WELL’s One-Call Staffing Program at the medical group, ALL’s WELL was able to provide two Dedicated Account Executives as well as a Quality Manager to manage our staffing partnership. ALL’s WELL created a Temporary Requisition Form Template for the medical group to download on their internal systems for all Supervisors/Managers to have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to complete a requisition for their department needs which they e-mail or fax to ALL’s WELL. By utilizing this form, we centralized all the temporary staffing requests and increased the medical group's productivity and decreased billing errors and no-fills.

One-Call Services Program>

To further the success of our on-call staffing program with the medical group, ALL’s WELL compiled a list of approved vendors who not only met our criteria, but also matched the level of quality to which the medical group has grown accustomed. ALL’s WELL’s One-Call Staffing Program consists of single-source invoicing, payrolling processing, orientation and behavior maintenance, and overall compliance for all approved vendors.

Ongoing Cost Analysis

ALL’s WELL recognized that cost control was a priority for this medical group. For this reason, we incorporated consolidated billing. All reports provided to the medical group include all vendor activity and are vital factors to our continual analysis of their spending and cost control.

Customized Orientation

To further guarantee client satisfaction, each temporary associate placed at the medical group undergoes a 20-minute orientation on group policies and procedures. Accompanying this presentation is an Orientation Brochure and job specific policies on injectables.

Transition Program

To assist the medical group’s managers and supervisors to embrace our One-Call Staffing Program, we designed a Quick Desk Reference Guide and conducted introductory meetings with their hiring managers and our dedicated account executives. The Quick Desk References Guide was an essential tool, allowing us to provide the medical group with tangible material to read through at their convenience in order to answer any questions about our partnership with their company. The introductory meetings were crucial as we were able to put names to faces and learn more about each of the personalities we were to deal with on a daily basis. This process facilitated our goal to familiarize our dedicated account executives with the medical group's hiring managers and supervisors.

Steering Committee Meetings

To keep lines of communication open and maintain a strong staffing partnership, we meet with group managers and supervisors on a monthly basis to discuss any challenges or issues that might have occurred the month prior. We also utilize this time as an open forum to allow everyone to share their ideas on how to improve and make all of our jobs easier.